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Travel Tip: How to use and airplane bathroom!

Since this blog is mostly dedicated to my travels I thought I would do an article on some pet peeves and easy ways to fix them!

Pet Peeve #1—Missing the target!

The bathroom on the plane…why is it that people on planes have so much trouble actually peeing in the toilet????  How many times have you gone into the bathroom to find the floor a disgusitng mess.  And the worst part is that many times you don’t have your shoes on when you go in there!  I have covered the floor in paper towels before because of the mess.  So here is an easy solution.  SIT DOWN!!!  Yes men, that means you too.  It’s simple physics, if you are trying to either strattle or hover over a possibly moving object, chances are you are gonna miss.  So be kind and thoughtful of others and just sit.

Pet Peeve #2—10 Minutes in the loo after on a long haul flight, not ok!

Similar to #1 this a basically just being rude and not thoughtful of others.  You know what I mean, you have been on the plane for say 8 hours, you have slept for hours and now everyone is getting up for breakfast or landing and the made rush to the bathroom takes place.

Remember, there are most likely 300+ people on this plane and only about 6 bathrooms.  On a recent flight I actually timed how long it took people to get themselves together in the morning.  Keep in mind on Virgin they give you pajamas in upper class so that ads to the time in the bathroom.

Its still simple.  I can change my clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth and brush my hair all in under 2-3 minutes, so here is the secret that it seems most can’t figure out!

Step 1-cover floor with paper towels because of Pet Peeve #1!  Then as you SIT on the toilet and pee, take off you pajamas and put on  your regular clothes, shoes and all. Yes this is quite easy to do and actually makes the best use of the space of the tiny airplane bathroom.  So by the time you are have peed you have also changed.

Step 2-splash your face with water and a bit of soap.  Then apply lotion.  Brush teeth and hair.

DONE.  Anything else, like more facial products, makeup etc can be done at your seat.  Think of all the other people lining up outside the stall and get the heck out.

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November 1, 2011